DIY simple baked goods display

Here’s the story: I baked some brownies. They looked delicious. But as I would be presenting them to a bunch of people at a bake-swap, I needed them to look AMAZING.

A cake plate would have been perfect, but as I didn’t have one I put together this baked goods display instead, and boy was I pleased with result! My brownies appeared larger, more tempting, and I got numerous compliments – all thanks to the display!

This simple baked goods display can be used for cakes, pies, or donuts, or small desserts.

Cake Stand

Display 1 Display 2 Display 3

This cake stand is incredibly easy. Really, really easy. So easy that you can create it in about 20 seconds from items that are already in your kitchen cupboard.

Get a drinking glass and sit it upside down. Then get a plate (preferably a glass plate) and sit in on top of your drinking glass. Yes, that’s it! And doesn’t it look fantastic once your cake / brownies / cookies / baked goods are beautifully arranged on top?

A word of warning – cutting a cake on top of this stand may make it topple over!


Brownies 1

I posted the recipe for these Perfect Walnut Brownies last week. How did you go with your baked goods display? I’d love to see it!

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