DIY Cookie Favor Packaging 9 small

Cookies make a fantastic favor or gift. They’re cheap, personal, and honestly – who doesn’t like cookies? No-one, that’s who.

But you can’t just gift them in any old box and leave it at that. Oh, no no no. You want them to look pretty, and exciting, and unbelievably tasty. Here’s how to make someone’s mouth water in anticipation of consuming your delicious cookie favor.


DIY Cookie Favor Packaging 1 small

Step 1

DIY Cookie Favor PackagingDIY Cookie Favor Packaging

Cut off the sealed end of your cellophane bag, then tie the end tightly with string.

Insert cookies into the cellophane bag one at a time. I filled my package with 8 cookies. Once the bag is full, tie the other end of the bag with string.

Step 2

DIY Cookie Favor PackagingDIY Cookie Favor Packaging

Cut your patterned paper to size. You’ll want the width of your paper to be the same as the width of your cookie package (in between the tied ends) and long enough to roll around the circumference of your entire package.

Place your paper face-down, and attach a strip of tape along one end. Place your cookie package in centre of the paper, then roll the paper tightly around the cookie package until the tape has attached to the other end. Place another strip of tape along the outside of the free end to hold the paper together.

I’ve made this FREE cookies label for you (with a blank space for you to write your cookie flavour) in A4 or US Letter! Print it on sticker paper or office paper and use glue to attach it to your cylinder.

DIY Cookie Favor PackagingDIY Cookie Favor Packaging 10 small


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