DIY Sustainable Christmas Tree

Did you know that artificial Christmas trees, even when re-used for multiple years, have a greater impact on the environment than chopping down a fresh pine tree each year? Unbelievable, right? Plastic trees are non recyclable and non biodegradable, which means they will sit in landfill for many centuries after you’ve finished with them.

For those of us who are looking for ways of minimising our carbon footprint, a sustainable Christmas tree is a perfect way of turning the holiday season into a happy one for the environment too!

Sustainable Christmas Tree

I put together this super adorable tree for our apartment in about 30 minutes. It’s made from branches I found in a local park, which can be turned into green waste and recycled as landscaping materials after I’ve finished with them.

This tree is also perfect for our apartment as it can easily be squeezed into a small space. You can sit it on a coffee table, on a bookshelf, or in a corner without it crowding the room.

Here’s how to create your own small sustainable Christmas tree in 3 simple steps!

Step 1 – Collect your branches

Branches for Sustainable Christmas Tree

I took a walk to my local park to find these branches. I collected about 10-12 ranging from about 40-60cm (16-24 inches) in length, and made sure they had lots of twists and knobs to hang decorations from.

Step 2 – Stand upright

Sustainable Christmas Tree

Use vase or a tall drinking glass to stand your branches upright, then tie string or ribbon around the base to hold the branches together.

Step 3 – Hang your ornaments

Sustainable Christmas Tree Sustainable Christmas Tree

Use sustainable ornaments – fabrics and paper are great! Try to avoid plastics or materials that aren’t recyclable or biodegradable.

To add an extra decorative touch, tie brightly coloured ribbons around any bare spots or on the ends of long branches.

For more stats on Christmas trees and their impact on the environment, check out this post by Earth 911.

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