Next weekend is the Halloween office party at my husband’s workplace. After weeks of thinking about what couples costume we’ll go with, we finally decided on… pizza rat! The New York City celebrity rat of 2015. Haven’t seen the viral video? Watch it here.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever looked at ‘pizza’ and ‘rat’ costumes online, but let me tell you… they’re awfully tacky. So instead of paying $50 for something that looks horrible and that we’ll only use only once (I seriously doubt pizza rat will be a popular choice for next year), I decided to make my own pizza slice costume out of things I had lying about the house!


  • Cardboard
  • Scissors or a box cutting knife
  • Craft Paints in Yellow, Red, White, and Black
  • String


Step 1 – Cut out the pieces

Use the box cutter or scissors to cut out your pieces as per the above diagram. You’ll need one large triangle piece for the slice, one curved piece for the crust (matching the width of the top of the slice), and a few smaller circles and half circles for the pepperoni.


Step 2 – Be an artist

I mixed my paint colours and blended them to make a variety of browns for the crust, a deep red for the sauce and pepperoni, and then a light yellow/orange for the cheese.


Step 3 – Glue it all together

Once the paint is dry, glue the pepperoni and crust on to the slice.


Step 4 – Add string

I used my box cutter to slice two small holes through the top of the crust, then tied string through. Make sure when you tie the string that you’ve left enough room to fit the costume over your head!

pizza-slice-costumePizza Slice costumePizza Rat costume

That’s it. SO EASY! Who would have thought a bit of cardboard and paint would make such an awesome costume. And do you dig my matching rat? I thought we pulled it off.

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