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Who am I?

I’m Ashlea, a Graphic Designer and super organised freak with a stationery obsession. Also a master of cake-baking and attempting simple DIY projects for the home.

I grew up in Hobart, Australia, but now live in New York City with my husband Robert – a software developer / programming genius who assists with my website and encourages me to be the best person I can be.

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What is Polkadot Stationery?

Polkadot Stationery is my Etsy Shop and blog, which is focused on simple and fun DIY projects for the everyday creative.

The designs in my store and the content on my blog have stemmed from years of simple creative projects. As a child I would spend hours making my own cards, notebooks, and paper goods. Every Christmas I would put together an entire scrapbook of photos, greeting cards, games and puzzles.

I furthered my creative passion by studying Graphic Design and Multimedia after high school, which led me to a job in the printing industry. I still enjoy working with print, but what I really love doing is creating beautiful things, getting away from creative restrictions and just being myself.

Ashlea Photographer

How did Polkadot Stationery come about?

The business idea came to me in October 2011, when a colleague had her wedding invitations delivered. She had them designed professionally, but she was disappointed when the invitations arrived. She wanted something new and pretty, but the design was traditional and plain. There was no colour or excitement. Every couple wants their wedding to be amazing, and I think invitations are a chance to share your excitement and passion with everyone you know.

So with my background in Graphic Design, I gave it a try! I started out creating printed wedding invitations, but I struggled to capture anyone’s attention. I eventually realised that many couples want their stationery to look professional but also want to be at part of the creative process, so I decided made some of my stationery into DIY printable designs. This idea took off right away!

What’s my inspiration?

I’m inspired by giving the items around me a personal touch by adding some of my own creative style. Whether it be a rug that I made, a gift that I’m giving, or an invitation I’m designing, it’s important for it to really reflect me.

Many of my stationery designs are inspired by beautiful typography, and I love combining both modern and retro elements. I also thrive on ideas that are different or unusual.

I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on numerous blogs, magazines, and sites, see my In the press page for a full list.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to contact me!